I made the change…

The idea behind Just Stories is that it’s a space for people to share their stories of the ways they or people they know have taken steps in their lives to look after the environment, care about people, build communities or walk towards a fairer, slower, wholer (is that even a word?) way of living. I love these stories! I love how ordinary people can make small (or big) changes in their lives to serve cause outside of their own personal interest. This inspires me!

Last week I finally posted the first blog which explained a little bit about what Just Stories is all about. As I mentioned there, I work in the field of international development. My work allows me to put my conviction for change into practice. My job involves trying to influence polices so that they are fairer… So that they work towards the common good, benefit people and look after the planet (sounds rather idealistic don’t you think).

But recently I was challenged by a friend who said that fairer policies are important, but alone they aren’t enough. It needs us humans to choose to do things differently. To choose to see, to choose to care, to choose to make the hard changes. Again, rather idealistic!

And how the heck do we get 7 billion people to choose to live in this sort of way?

Luckily I am an idealist! If these stories can convince you… well then we’re one step person to the change that’s needed!

This challenge is the idea behind the first series of blogs on this site. We’ve called it “I made the change“. Over the month of August, we’ll be sharing how 4 people have become aware of something – some area of social, economic or environmental injustice – and have decided to make a change in their life choices as a result.

Hopefully as you read you’ll be inspired by the actions of others… you’ll decide to be an idealist too… and you’ll pick up their challenge to make a change.

Have a read of the first blog in this series, Does race(ism) matter?

Image: Own work assumed (based on copyright claims)., Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=688864





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