Whose turn is it to clean the nappies?

A dad’s story of the ongoing joys, challenges and compromises of using disposable nappies with their two small girls.


Justice within a system

Introducing the next series of blogs… Reusable nappies. But how on earth can we swing from modern day slavey to a constitutional crisis to the nappies you choose to put your babe in? What’s the link?

The choice to march

This weekend I was asked to speak at a protest March in London outside the South African embassy calling for the recalling, or stepping down of our current President, Jacob Zuma (a little Google search will give you the latest news from SA and why this march, and others like it in SA and around…

Anti-Slavery movement uncovered

Ty reflects on the last decade working with those fighting against modern day slavery. It all started with a chance meeting in Ukraine where he realised what he’d be willing to do for a cause…