We’ve been silent! But it’s our birthday!

August marks a year since starting this blog… Happy birthday to us! Hooray for my dear friend who kick started things last year by turning the idea I’d chatted through with her into a reality and giving me this site as a birthday present (have a read about how and why things started).

But you may have noticed that I’ve been largely absent from the blogging world for the last month or two… this directly coincides with a return to work after a wonderful year of maternity leave (thank you UK!) and a realisation that working mamas are hardcore and deserve my unending praise. I don’t know how they do it… I certainly haven’t loved the transition. Most me-things have taken a back seat as a result. Hold that thought. Most everything has taken a back seat. Housework I hear you say? Grocery shopping? Household accounts? How the heck do you ladies do it?! (In all seriousness… advice is welcome!) 🙂

But justice is something I’m still passionate about – and especially about telling your environmental, social or economic justice related stories. And so I really would love to keep this blog ticking over as and when I can. (On that note, if you’d be interested in joining the team do let me know!) Things may slow down a little, but along with some great people I’ll be working with, we’ve got some exciting ideas in the pipeline (that sentence reads terribly… but time is limited and I can’t make it work right now, soz) Over the next 6 months or so we’ll be sharing one more cloth nappy post to complete that series, some inspiring stories from people passionate about plastic (or rather passionate about eliminating it!) as well as some stories from some of our favourite campaigns and justice bloggers. So stick close… and enjoy the ride.


(and keep sharing the blog, sharing info about interesting people who may like to share their story, telling us you think we’re great and sending chocolate. That should keep me inspired)

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