To cloth or not

32 years ago there was no choice for us where we lived. We used cloth nappies! Disposables were just coming onto the market but were un-affordable (& unattainable in our local store)

Practical cloth nappy advice

My big girl suffered from re-current thrush and painful, blistering nappy rash from almost day one of life. After my 3rd trip to the doctors for antibiotic cream for her poor, sore little bottom, he referred me to my health visitor to see if she had any ideas. Her first suggestion surprised me: “why don’t you try cloth nappies?”

Our journey with cloth nappies

Tam, a mum of two, living in north-west Zambia shares how she came to a decision to use cloth nappies with her tiny people. It started with the numbers just making sense, but it grew into something bigger from there.

Making it a just Christmas

December is nearly upon us and with it the Christmas celebrations are beginning. What can we do to make it a little more just?

Waste not, want not (part 2)

By Emma Hurrell Last week, with #ZeroWasteWeek ahead of us, I laid down the challenge for you to think about how you can cut down your household waste. Well #ZeroWasteWeek is upon us, so how’s that challenge going? If you’re not sure where to start, we’re very excited to say that we have partnered with…

Waste not, want not

Have you heard the mantra of reduce, reuse, recycle? It’s one I have constantly ringing in my ears. And it is in that order for a reason. Reduce first. Then think about reusing and as a third option recycle.

Rethinking the food I eat

Five years ago we were a couple of months into our new London lives and I was loving it! I loved walking and catching the train to work, I loved sitting out in the parks in the summer and I loved our house share and the new friends we were meeting. Money was still quite…

Switching to renewable energy

My demand has an inevitable impact on the earth. Everything I buy and use is driving a supply somewhere. Recently I’ve been thinking about this in relation to the energy and electricity I use.